Great to see such confident young people


Last night was my last official duty as Chair of Governors at our local secondary school and what a delight it was.  The school production of We Will Rock You – no mean feat given the range of musical scales, the comedic timing and an audience of family, friends and the local community  – many of whom were of an age to remember the original “Freddie” performance!

And what a fantastic job they did.  Seeing young people, who ages ranged from 12-18, full of confidence (not cockiness), enjoying and revelling in the demonstration of their skills, and working together as one unit.  Some ad-libbing when required made for great entertainment and provided us with two hours of sheer joy.  Sound, lighting, the band, props, costumes and the refreshment teams all worked in unison with the performers to deliver a evening of complete enjoyment.

Many of the performers will be leaving to pursue their ongoing careers in higher education, employment and apprenticeships and no doubt the skills they have learned from taking part in a challenging team event, will provide them with a solid foundation for the future.

The younger members of the cast will, I am sure, continue balancing their educational learning with extra curricular activities.

After the last few weeks of media reporting on dismal displays with regard to political, national and international behaviour, it was refreshing and enlightening to spend two hours in the company of young people, full of enthusiasm, dedication and absolute joie de vivre and gives hope that the future isn’t perhaps as bleak as we sometimes assume it to be.

So, thank you to Mascalls Academy for a wonderful evening of entertainment and for allowing me to be a member of your Governing Body for the last 10 years.  I leave confident that the youngsters will go on to be productive and confident citizens in our local and wider community.

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