Team Coaching – new offering for Executive leaders and Senior Managers


Really excited to be launching our Team Coaching offer with our  Executive Coach, Louise.

Team coaching is a concept whereby the whole executive team undertake to work with their coach over a period of several months.  What can be a very challenging process, enables those businesses really wanting to be able to look at the business environment in a wholly new and innovative way.

Challenging the status quo becomes the norm and having honest and collaborative conversations with every member of the team avoid stagnation and promotes progress.

Working in silos is a thing of the past.

Organisations that have invested and embraced this departure from the “safe” workings of the executive team, have been surprised and delighted by the results, impacting on the business, the individuals and the team.

Initial discussions and assessments with Keith, our MD and Director of Training, and Louise, our qualified Executive Coach who spearheads the coaching interventions, enables you to ascertain whether it will be right for your team.

We value relationship working at Athelbrae – it may be, after discussing in more detail with you that  Team coaching isn’t the right answer for your executive members just at the moment.  That’s fine and we can either work with you to find an alternative solution more suited to your business and staff, or we can revisit the offering with you at a later date, if you would like.

Further details, or if you’d like Keith and Louise to come and have a chat with you to discuss the options, call 01892 832059 or email,


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