Helping new Managers & Team Leaders adapt to their roles

imagesGetting to Grips with Management

We are pleased to announce our second new product this week.  Our new “Getting to Grips with Management” Programme is a modularised bite-sized programme delivered by Training Director, Keith Merrin.

The programme is aimed at newly appointed Managers and Team Leaders.  Typically, these new Managers are promoted because they excel at their previous role.  However, the skills required to manage others is very different to the skills required to “do” the job they are managing.  As a result, when they need to ‘step up to the plate’ they resort to their comfort zone of “doing” rather than managing the situation proactively.

The programme consists of 8, 3 hour modules which starts at 8.30 with a bacon roll and runs to 11.30.  This gives the delegates the key skills and allows them to return to work for the afternoon to start putting their newly found skills and confidence into practice.

Each 3 hour module runs fortnightly over 16 weeks. The first programme launches in September from our Venue Partner, Chilston Park Hotel near Maidstone. Click on the link for further information or contact Kate on 01892 832059.

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