Managing Mental Health in the workforce – skills for Managers


So excited about our new half day course which aids Managers and HR Professionals on recognising when there is a deterioration in the mental health of any member of staff and how to deal with it successfully for all concerned.  Such an important area of management development and we are thrilled to be able to provide support through our expert trainer and Occupational Therapist, Hilary.

Practical guidance on being confident and empathetic in knowing what to do, where to go for advice, what to say and how to help.

These 3 hour sessions will give your managers the skills to recognise, manage and promote health and well being in their teams.  For larger groups, we can run two sessions in a day (morning and afternoon) which enables larger management groups to have the assurance and belief in dealing proactively with situations as they arise.

Some statistics and information provided by Hilary who has worked in this area for many years:-

1.   At least 1 in 6 workers will experience a common mental health condition like anxiety or depression at any one time and poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence.

2.   The Centre for Mental Health calculates that sickness absence costs UK employers £8.4billion per year (£335 per year for every employee in the UK workforce) whereas presenteeism costs UK employers £15.1 billion per year (£605 per year for every employee in the UK workforce).

3.   Taking steps to manage mental health positively in your workplace can have huge benefits for your business. These include increased performance and productivity, reduced sickness levels and savings from lower staff turnover, through reduced need to recruit and train replacement staff.

4.   Given the right support from line managers many employees who have or develop mental health conditions will be able to retain their jobs and continue to function at a high level.

5.   Most support measures cost little or nothing to implement, and are often very practical in nature, so investing in supporting staff mental wellbeing can have potentially large returns.

6.   Moreover you can save up to 30% of the costs of mental ill health to your workplace, by promoting mental wellbeing for all staff and supporting employees who become unwell proactively. An average saving of £1,800 per year per affected employee.

7.   Line managers are pivotal in shaping your employees’ experience of work and have a vital role to play in recognising the signs of mental ill health and responding positively. However they are not always trained to do this and as a consequence they often lack the confidence, willingness or skills to respond proactively to employees experiencing these conditions.

8.   Specialist training is vital to ensure that your managers have a clear understanding of mental health issues in the workplace, are aware of their legal duties and responsibilities, have the confidence and interpersonal skills to support employees sensitively and fairly, and are able have difficult conversations where required.

Do call us or email me for further details if this is something you’d like to discuss further – 01892 832059 or

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