Training in Action – the importance of understanding the client needs


Associate Trainer, Julia, has been working with large company in Tunbridge Wells around their customer service excellence.

Delegates learn in a variety of ways – some love the theory, some like a kinaesthetic approach (think fiddling with blue-tack!), and some even relish the practical role plays that others perhaps dread.

Addressing the needs of all the people within the group is essential in ensuring that everyone develops and can translate the learning immediately when they get back into the workplace.

Coupled with all the elements to engage everyone in the room, we at Athelbrae are proud that our Associate trainers tailor their materials and exercises to the specific requirements of the business.  Working in partnership with clients enables us to really understand the challenges to provide relevant and inspiring learning and our Associates are essential in delivering outstanding staff development.

So take customer service – Yes, it is essentially the same concept, but different organisations have different requirements.  Some are involved almost exclusively in face to face dealings with external customers, whilst others may have a greater interaction with “internal customers”  in their business.  Businesses that work internationally need to be aware of cultural attitudes towards customer service, whilst smaller companies need to stand out from their larger competitors, and often customer service helps differentiate them from the rival business.

This particular in house training with Julia demonstrated a variety of learning – from the group work exercises, some role play and the modelling below – though worryingly he seems to have acquired 3 legs!


Training in action can be so impactful if the balance between learning, fun, variety,  understanding of the client needs and ensuring it all translates back into the work environment.



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