Managing Mental Health is everyone’s responsibility

A CIPD Management article this week highlighted the need for Line Managers to be trained in managing mental health issues in their teams.

“Despite three-in-four line managers (76 per cent) accepting that employee wellbeing was their responsibility, fewer than one-in-four (22 per cent) have had any training on mental health at work, according to the report. One third of line managers said they felt that senior managers and HR departments had either been ‘not very’ or ‘not at all’ supportive when they managed someone with poor mental health.”

The worry about saying the wrong thing, how to practically help a member of staff and where to go for further support are just some of the key factors that prevent managers engaging with the issue.

Confidence in essential in being able to deal with all aspects of mental health. The article continues with a quote from Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director:-

“Progress will only happen when employers approach mental ill health as they would physical ill health – doing what they can to prevent ill health occurring or escalating, and ensuring proper support for employees when it happens.”

Follow the link for details of our 3 hour training for all Line Managers, delivered by our Occupational Therapist trainer.  Designed specifically to address the issues raised here, in providing all managers with the confidence and courage to tackle these challenges to support  their staff as soon as possible.


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