Get Friendly with Journalists!



“Start Up” by Liz Jackson (MBE) and Mick Spain recommend that those who have started their own business “get friendly with Journalists”.

As they rightly state, it’s free PR, and getting yourself into a newspaper column, trade magazine or other relevant publication (or even TV or radio), is a bit of a no brainer.

Journalists want to fill their column inches with interesting stories that excite their readers.

Telling your story, whatever the size of your business, is free publicity but the knack is tailoring the message to the readership – which can actually be trickier than you might imagine.

If you would like to publicise your business and learn all the tricks of the trade that will make you stand out from your competition, give us a call or email and our trainer, Steve, who is a working journalist, will work with you to develop your skills in making the most of these opportunities.

An informative, fun filled half day training session can pay dividends – call us 01892 832059 or email to discuss in more detail.



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