Great to hear staff now confident with addressing Mental Health issues


Mental Health Training feedback from yesterday:

  • “Informative & Reassuring”
  • “Excellent Structure, Hilary is very knowledgeable”
  • “great to have understanding of mental health issues”
  • “Amazing what you can do in 3 hours to provide confidence to managers in handling this sensitive subject”


  • Some of the action points include:-

  • Keeping in touch with staff who are off sick
  • Use links and outside support agencies
  • More 1:1s and regular catch ups to build rapport
  • Be aware of triggers if someone is suffering from anxiety and stress
  • Empathise with people with mental health issues
  • Point staff in the right direction to receive support
  • Directly approach staff regarding issues
  • Having a better understanding of what to say
  • Concentrate on open ended questions


So pleased the team took away practical steps to help recognise, react and support their team members.

Practical, informative training at its best – immediately being able to implement the learning back in the office helps Managers and Staff.

If you’d like to discuss providing your Managers with this support, do call Keith or Kate on 01892 832059 or email Kate on



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