Business Bunker Radio Athelbrae mention


Great to have a mention on Business Bunker Radio yesterday about our reverse advent calendar, starting tomorrow.

Listen again on and at 4 minutes 56 you’ll hear details of our Reverse Advent Calendar.

They asked about where Athelbrae’s name came from.

The Athel Line was a merchant shipping company and in 1956 Kate’s father (John Nicholson)  captained her across the Atlantic to Georgetown, Guyana.  She was designed to travel along the estuaries in the West Indies to bring molasses back to the main port for shipping to the UK.

When Keith formed the business in 1998, we wanted something other than “Keith Merrin Training” as the company name, and as we’d named the house after the ship, it seemed the right thing to do to honour “Capt Nick’s” memory of hard work, dedication, integrity and honesty by naming the business after his first command.

It didn’t hurt that in the days of yellow pages, Athelbrae Business Consultancy (as it was then) or ABC Training came fairly high up the alphabetical list!!

If you are interested, further details can be found on the website FAQ page

Kate’s father LOVED Christmas and all the excitement that came with decorations, presents and turkey.  He would have definitely joined in the filling of the advent box for the Food Bank and we’ll be posting pictures every day in December in the run up to Christmas Eve so you can see what’s in the box.

If you’d like a mention for your business on the Business Bunker Radio, Tweet Paul Andrews @vanillaweb.  The show runs every Tuesday 1 – 3pm.


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