Festival of Winter Walks


castle-and-snow-680x375This coming week sees the 2016 Festival of Winter Walks – a yearly event held by the Ramblers Association.

Impact on our mental and physical health

We’ve been delighted this year at the response to our mental health training days for managers.  Conversely it has been a shock just how many people suffer in silence with a variety of mental health issues, and how reluctant some are to approach staff for fear of exacerbating the situation.

It is well documented how important it is to look after our physical and mental well being and these often go hand in hand.  However, the pace of life invariably means something has to give, and so often it is the ability to spend some time relaxing and recharging batteries that goes on the back burner.

Taking up the Christmas walking challenge

So, in the run up to the festivities next week when we hopefully will all be able to have some downtime, making some time to get out in the fresh air and enjoy a gentle stroll (or more active hike), could pay dividends in boosting our physical well being.  In turn, enjoying some new scenery or marvelling at the miracles of nature, this benefits our mental well being too.

It’s free!

The beauty of places like Hever Castle in Kent (pictured above) is an example of some of the treats that await us, if we take the time to appreciate them.  But any walk around the local park, a football kickabout with the children, a brisk dog walk to admire the local Christmas decorations….whatever floats your boat, some fresh air can work wonders.

Maybe this should be a new year resolution for us all – to take the opportunity to stop once a week and just smell the roses!

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