Taking time to stop and smell the roses



On 3rd April 2016, we were rising to the challenge of accomplishing a perfectly tied wedding cravat prior to our son Adam, marrying his fiancée Cindy.  A wonderful day filled with lots of very happy memories, laughter and some questionable “Dad dancing”.

It got me thinking – what a year it has been both nationally and internationally:-

  • Brexit
  • Rio Olympics
  • Donald Trump’s victory in US elections
  • The horror of the Jo Cox murder in June
  • Zika virus
  • Adele’s world tour
  • Queen Elizabeth turning 90

But what about our year?  Have we taken the time to stop and reflect on the good, the bad and the unexpected?

The biggest event for us (after Adam’s wedding obviously!) was returning full time to running Athelbrae Ltd after 10 years dividing our time between two businesses.

It has proved to be a year of success, thanks to our clients and trainers, and a personal realisation for me that even after 30 years in the Training, Coaching and Recruitment sector, I am very fortunate to still love the job I do.

We have enjoyed family time; taken up new hobbies; expanded business and training opportunities;  dealt with the difficulties of sick parents; enjoyed overseas travel; celebrated achievements of family members and colleagues; and yes, sat in the garden on a summer’s evening and smelt the roses!

Taking some time out of the busy working day (or week) to stop, reflect and appreciate on all aspects of our business and personal lives, can prove to be a beneficial way to reflect on challenges, triumphs and tragedies providing us with an opportunity to forge ahead.

What a year it has been and we’re ready to meet all those new opportunities and challenges head on…..





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