Effectively managing your staff absence



@personneltoday reported in May “Managing sickness absence is a key issue for employers. Employee absence is a significant cost to the majority of businesses in the UK.
In addition to the direct costs of employee absence (paying sick pay and paying someone else to perform the absent employee’s work), high levels of absence can demotivate those employees who have to take on the absent employee’s work, cause all-round disruption to productivity and adversely affect an employer’s continuity of service to its clients.”

There are a myriad of reasons why staff may take time off work – but if you don’t manage the causes, the effect will impact on the individual, their colleagues and your business.

Our one day course on 21st June at Chilston Park Hotel near Maidstone addresses these issue and how to proactively manage them for everyone’s benefit. Delivered by Janice Donaghue, HR professional, a practical guide to help you through the maze of questions.

Places are still available if you’d like to register to attend – do call 01892 832059 or email me, keith@athelbrae.co.uk

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