Don’t under-estimate the power of a good walk and fun to review your business!

2017-11-01 10.46.04.jpg

We were fortunate last week to have a few days away in the Bath area.  The autumn weather was kind and enabled us to get out and enjoy some fresh air and lovely walks – and find a Gruffolo area in Westonbirt Arboretum – see above!!

However whilst we were embracing nature, we also had the opportunity to review the year’s work, look at 2018 and plan for the coming months without the day to day distraction of office life.

Some would say this therefore wasn’t a holiday in a true sense as we took the work with us – but many small businesses know all too well that to completely absent yourself isn’t always possible.  We limit the checking of emails to once a day and in the main, are able to provide holding replies to clients.  On the rare occasion something can’t wait, we can manage it and then move on.

What the week did provide was an opportunity to really discuss the challenges and exciting new projects in the mix – to spend some time in the fresh air (or even in the hotel bar) and deliberate all the options open to us.

Many organisations are trying to arrange their meetings now  on the hoof.  Looking at different ways of working isn’t new but there is something to be said for a walk of several miles and coming back with a clear head and clear objectives about what you need to concentrate your energies on when you are back in the office.

Try it, we can recommend it is good for the soul, for the brain and ultimately for the business.

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