Tailoring to your requirements

We were delighted to have received such positive feedback from a group of managers on a recent 8 module programme for management development.

Mandy, the trainer, worked hard with them to both address their long term development goals, but also importantly, flexed the sessions to allow for discussion and debate around key issues that arose during the programme.

This allows for them to share experiences (good and bad) and as a management team, they learn to support each other at different times when challenges arise.

The key to this is to be flexible to the demands of the individual clients and this starts with the proposal discussions, through to the planning and development of the course materials, the training itself, and just as importantly, the mid delivery reviews and end of programme assessment and meeting.  It should be a whole package.

The majority of management programmes the world over contain, in the main, very similar themes and topics for modules.  However to have an “off the shelf” offering, means that yes, they get the theoretical training, but if they cannot relate that to their day to day issues and the demands of the particular industry they are in, that is all it is – a theoretical learning, that frankly they can receive from reading any good management book.

If you are wanting something that truly reflects the industry challenges that your managers face, is flexible and adaptable throughout the programme and provides solid guidance and support from start to finish, demand nothing less from your training provider than an ongoing relationship to allow them to really understand what you need and how they propose to meet your requirements.

We are proud at Athelbrae Ltd to have clients who value our relationship based approach.  If you would like to discuss any form of staff development, please do call or email us.

Management programme [MR]


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