Don’t take our word for it!

Delighted to have had the feedback from the recent delegates on the Spring programme of Getting to Grips with Management.

Designed to aid new and inexperienced managers navigate their way through the maze of challenges they face in their role, these endorsements are much appreciated and prove it “does what it says on the tin”


“I’ve loved this programme.  It’s been a huge help to build up my confidence in my role and Keith has been a fountain of knowledge for all of the extra questions I’ve been asking him.  I cannot recommend it enough!  Thank you Keith”.

“I loved the module with the actor.  This was so interesting and really helped me build confidence – especially giving and receiving feedback from other members of the group”

“Great course which is hugely helpful if you are involved with management.  All subjects are relevant and I have taken useful knowledge from each module which will change the way I manage going forward”

“I have enjoyed the activities as they’ve helped develop my skills and communication.  The resolving conflict and negotiation module helped me defuse difficult situations and the onion diagram in the recruitment module was a great example of getting detailed answers and finding out more about the candidate’s answers”.

Our next programme starts on 7th September at Brandshatch Place and Spa Hotel.  For more details or to discuss whether an in house management programme would benefit your supervisors and managers, email or call us on 01892 832059.

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