Education and Business – lifelong learners & how to inspire them

Inspired by a piece of artwork

We were fortunate in 2014 to visit Atlanta for a family wedding.  Spending some time in the city, we happened upon the sculpture below – a 23ft bronze archway called Climb with Care and Confidence.


The  sculpture was inspired by the work of S Truett Cathy, the founder of the Chick-fil-A food franchise (thoroughly recommend if you ever get the chance to sample one!).

Building your business and inspiring others

He started his first diner in 1946 in Atlanta and after becoming a popular spot for factory and airport workers, opened his first Chick-fil-A in 1967.  Today, there are franchises open all over the USA and staff never work Sundays to allow them time for family and church.

In 1973 he started the Team Member Scholarship programme to enable his employees in the diners to further their education.  This was a first for any fast food enterprise and in 1994 they achieved a $10 million scholarship milestone.  To recognise this, the Climb with Care and Confidence statue was designed by Georgia State University students depicting people, lending hands, to help others climb over an archway constructed of books.

The inscription reads: ” A person succeeds or fails according to the multitude of decisions that are made day after day.   The right decisions lead to rewards: incorrect decisions lead to disappointment and delay”
S.Truett Cathy, Founder of Chick-fil-A Inc.

The archway was dedicated just prior to the 1996 Olympic Games which is often remembered for the bomb that exploded, leaving two dead and many injured on 27th July 1996.

Investing in your employees for their future potential

Whilst the sculpture itself is a moving indictment of what people can achieve through education and opportunity, it is a monument to how to give back to your community –  a business that started small, grew and flourished to be worth in excess of $2 billion dollars a year is altruistic in its outlook, that the employees who work there can achieve so much with support.  Valuing your staff to enable them to develop, grow and accomplish more than they thought possible is something we can all learn from.  We may not have the resources to provide scholarships, but every business should encourage its employees to be lifelong learners to enable them to reach their potential.


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