How do I manage my mates?



In our 30 years of training this is the question that keeps the majority of new managers awake at night!  For staff who have been promoted into their first supervisory or management role, the skills required in becoming an effective manager are very different from their expertise in “doing” the job.

Imagine, having a Friday night drink with your colleagues in the local bar and then on Tuesday morning, having to have a difficult conversation with one of them about being consistently late over the last few weeks?

That isn’t an easy conversation for an experienced manager, but when you are new to the role, knowing how to handle the situation is daunting.

A recent evaluation from one delegate highlighted just how useful the “Smelly Pete” exercise is –   telling a member of staff they have a personal hygiene problem is again a test that many of us would fail, but when needs tackling it falls to their supervisor or manager.

So often we hear that when new supervisors and managers are faced with these difficult discussions, they revert back to what they know best – doing the practical aspects of their job, and hoping the need to manage the situation will just go away.

Sometimes the challenge is how to motivate and provide feedback  – what fires up one member of staff will demoralise another.

Getting on top of your time management when you’re being pulled 5 different ways often means that things fall through the net or get overlooked until there’s a crisis.

The good news is that these new managers are not alone!  Whatever industry, sector, or size of organisation, all newly appointed managers and supervisors face these questions.

Our Getting to Grips with Management programme provides practical support for your staff – short training events (3 hours in duration) over 8 modules held every two weeks, enabling them to get back in the workplace by lunchtime and start using the learning 

They have ongoing support from Keith, our MD and Director of Training who delivers the programme and can call on him for advice and support in between the sessions either via email, telephone or Skype.

Working with other delegates who are all facing the same challenges provides confidence and as the programme progresses, sharing experiences and successes enables the individual managers to develop within their role.

We recognise that return on investment is important to your business and have listened to what works best for organisations – your manager comes back fired up and ready to put the learning into practise, having received the equivalent of 8 separate courses over the duration of the programme.  The targeted, intensive, practical modules means you see an impact immediately and the ongoing support throughout the programme ensures you have a confident member of your management team.

The next programme is being held at Chilston Park in Lenham, just off  the M20 and only an hour  from just about anywhere in Kent.   The first module is on 23rd January 2019 & course notes and materials are provided for each module and the delegates receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the programme.

The cost for the whole 8 modules is £1040 + VAT and charities receive a standard 10% discount.

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