Pushing yourself outside the comfort zone – what’s stopping you?

comfortzone-2Last night was a foodie night – catching up on #GBBO for Stand Up 2 Cancer with 4 “celebrities” and then MasterChef finals.   Don’t worry, no spoiler alerts needed if you haven’t yet watched!

Seeing people working outside their comfort zones reminds us all that sometimes we need to push ourselves beyond what we think is safe and secure.  It is challenging; it can be frightening; it may not work and as in the case of Jeremy Paxman, you may make a complete fool of yourself with a biscuit mix.

Taking the plunge as a new business

We have recently been working with a new business on their marketing strategy.  They’ve left the safe world of retail, to strike out on their own, developing a completely new business and client base.  It’s brave, it’s a bit scary, but they are the first to admit that it is also liberating and energising.

The MasterChef finalists were cooking at the Royal Society for explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his guests at a dinner celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Transglobe expedition.  The world’s first expedition to circumnavigate the globe via both the south and north poles was the first of its kind and has never been repeated.

How difficult must it have been for those intrepid explorers to set out on their journey with all manner of known and more importantly unknown hazards facing them?

Taking responsibility for our own opportunities

Whilst we aren’t all endowed with the adventurer’s spirit, or indeed, the capacity to cook on television (either to Michelin standards or below), we do have the wherewithal to look for opportunities in our professional and personal lives to stretch ourselves and see just what we are capable of.

Very often in performance management, the employer is the one looking at opportunities for the individual to achieve and experience new opportunities outside their usual job role. But we all have a duty to ourselves to embrace the opportunity to face the fear of the unknown – who knows, we may just find that we like what we find and we are ultimately pretty good at it!

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