Evaluation forms and pre-course briefing

All our trainers ask delegates to complete evaluation forms after a training day.  This includes 3 changes they intend to implement as a result of the day and we share this thFLCQ0MOJwith their managers to provide ongoing assessment of the impact of the learning.   Sometimes clients use their own forms, which is absolutely fine, and we only ask for copies as they form part of the quality control we implement for our trainers.

For a while we contemplated doing online evaluations, but in discussions with clients and delegates, the majority agreed that these just do not get done when the delegates are back in the busy workplace, and the opportunity to evaluate the learning is lost for both provider and client.

We do recognise that sometimes delegates like to complete the forms and sprint from the training room and often on reflection, they have additional thoughts.  This is why we feel it is essential for us to follow up after the training to see if the commissioning manager have had any verbal or other written thoughts from the attendees.

In addition, we feel it is important for delegates to think about their own learning objectives prior to the training – this often avoids the “I’ve been sent on the course but don’t know why” response that is sometimes the answer at the start of the day.  We send these out a couple of weeks before the training and ask for them to be distributed to all those who will be attending, for them to complete and take with them on the day.

Without honest feedback from delegates, the opportunity to address any issues, or to tailor content further for future courses is lost.  We are passionate about not providing “off the shelf” solutions for clients.  Each business has individual requirements and each group of delegates has differing needs and in order for clients to receive the best return on investment, we need to ensure an ongoing dialogue to review and check they are getting what they need.

If preferred delegates can complete the forms after the training and return directly to their manager or email through to us rather than giving to the trainer at the end of the day.

Flexibility, honesty and adaptability, makes working with clients and their staff a rewarding experience for all.

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