June newsletter out today

We know there’s a couple of weeks left of May, but with the Bank holiday weekend and half term on the agenda next week, we thought it best to get this out ahead of schedule!

It’s all about Managing your Time 🙂 – if you’d like a course, do give us a call – 01892 832059.

Back to the newsletter…..

This month we are covering:-

  • Gaze Aversion and how you may be making assumptions about people who avoid eye contact
  • Communication skills – a public course that deals with those who can be a little too enthusiastic in the way they communicate, and those who we avoid because it’s just too hard to try and talk to them!  12th June one day course at Chilston Park for just £199 + VAT will be fun, practical and addresses all the challenges we face in the communication arena.
  • Information on two new offerings –  Modern Slavery and Trafficking and the Mental Capacity Act.  We are always looking to expand our offering with topics that are of benefit to different sectors and businesses and having a specialist in these currently “hot topic” areas allows us to provide first class training in difficult subjects.
  • A list of the public courses coming up in the coming months – we are very pleased that we are able to offer these courses are highly competitive rates to allow individuals to get the training they need without blowing your training budget!
  • Meet the Trainer – our monthly section on one of our Associates and this month it is Ellie Hutchison – learn more about Ellie’s background and her training ethos.

If you would like a copy of the newsletter and aren’t on our distribution list, email kate@athelbrae.co.uk or give us a call on 01892 832059 and we’ll get one to you straight away.


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