Imitation, flattery and marketing


5a200516dc31eba99d82cf708d33c97d--imitation-is-the-best-form-of-flattery-copycats-quotes“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. We’ve all seen on #dragonsden about whether an idea or business can be “copied” or how easy is it for others to do what you do.

When marketing your products or services, there are very few who offer something genuinely unique – there will invariably be others who provide something similar.  For example, there are a myriad of training organisations that offer many of the standard courses that we at Athelbrae offer.

So how do you stand out from them?

In our view the following are crucial: –

  •  Have passion at the centre of everything you do with your business.
  • Be true to your visions and values
  • Ensure that vision lives every day throughout your offering – for us, it’s about working in partnership with our client base, understanding the individuality of each business and working collaboratively with each and every one of those businesses
  • Value your team – our Associate Trainers, facilitators and coaches are part of our brand. If we don’t value them, they won’t value us and subsequently how can they represent us in the manner which is the passion behind our company?.

And of course, if you find your marketing and publicity is attracting others in your industry to imitate what you are doing, be thankful that you leading the way for others to follow.

They may be able to imitate your offering, but they’ll never be able to imitate your passion.

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