The greatest strength is sharing knowledge & power with subordinates


We’ve recently been working with an organisation whose leader has been signed off with unexpected sickness.  Whilst the necessary support has been in place for them to be absent for as long as is required, it is important that the business continues to work smoothly and efficiently.

Continuity for staff and customers

Having strong deputies in place who can pick up the reins and provide continuity for both staff and consumers has meant that as little disruption as possible is felt by everyone involved.  This is a testament to the individuals themselves who rise to the challenge, but also highlights the benefits of planning for such events and having the processes in place for allowing staff to be trained with all the know-how to allow them to be in a position to step in at a moments notice.

Planning ahead and practising skills

Having senior staff willing to share their experience, knowledge and expertise on a regular basis ensures that the culture of the organisation enables others to be confident in all aspects of the leadership role.  Because staff have been developed on the job, learning different responsibilities and having the opportunity to “practise” those skills whilst the leader is in place, has meant that the transition of leadership can been slick and well ordered.

We all know that change is viewed suspiciously by many and can cause unnecessary angst and discombobulation.  By having a calm and dextrous hand-over of power in uncertain times, gives everyone the confidence in the leadership and harnesses the team support going forward.

Strength in sharing knowledge

It is short sighted and narrow minded to not plan for the unexpected in business and the greater strength is sharing knowledge and power with subordinates so they are able to step up to the plate when required, flourish in the new responsibilities and feel confident in their abilities to hold the fort for as long as required.


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