Wow, impact from learning

How lovely to receive this today from a delegate we’ve worked with for a number of years in his previous company.  He’s attended a variety of courses, not always of immediate use to him but as he was progressed through the business,  by having the learning in the back pocket, as the new challenges have arrived he’s been prepared for them and has the tools to tackle them.

Great he embraced the learning for the future, rather than taking the view “this isn’t relevant to my job” and highlights those companies that have the forethought to ensure their staff are trained in advance and not always put on a course reactively.

He now has the chance to use the learning for his new role in another organisation.  There are those that may say he’s used the investment by his previous company to benefit his new organisation.  That is however part of the ebb and flow of our greatest resources – our people and by valuing them and investing in their development, they give of their best whilst they’re with you and when they move on, allowing others to move into their roles and start the process again.

Training Benefits

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