Watering for Growth & when to transplant your people – a summer analogy!


This weekend was a scorcher! Whilst most of us revelled in the warmth of the Bank holiday, it was apparent that many of the garden plants in their decorative pots were looking….well frankly pretty knackered!

Draining heat, burning sun and a hot contained environment are not conducive to a flourishing plant.  Sure, they look great for a while but quickly start to droop and fade without water and feed.

Whilst providing some much needed evening “hose” relief on Saturday evening, it struck me that there is a strong analogy with how teams and individuals need a similar refreshment.

Are your people wilting from lack of care?

Those who are left to flounder in the heat will often wilt and succumb to their environment.  There are those who are “contained” and “constrained” within their roles when really they need to be allowed to spread and develop larger root systems to enable them to flourish.

If we don’t feed their development they stagnate and like our gardens, eventually fail to bloom – what was once such a promising specimen becomes withered and withdrawn, not reaching its full potential to show us just what it is capable of.

Our son-in-law is a specialist soft landscaper. What I do is pick his brains (and very often his brawn) to help decide what different specimens need to bloom;

  • would a transfer to a different department (or in the horticultural sense, different border), provide an opportunity to spread out, develop and become vibrant again?
  • has it been overfed or over-watered and can’t cope with all the additional pressures on it?
  • am I being too impatient for a result?
  • what needs to be pruned, or in some cases put on the compost?

Trust me, a mid season move of our pretty pathetic single stemmed rose bush to a bigger border, with a bit of the right feed and shade has produced a triffid like response that is now taking over a dull and previously uninspiring front wall. Everyone’s a winner

Like any good gardener, as a business you need to sometimes stand back and take a critical view of what you’ve planted.

Use Specialist knowledge to bolster your options

Making full use of a “specialist” who knows what you want as the end result, but can also focus your thinking on the difficult and challenging decisions to be made in order to bring about the best display possible, is time and money well spent.

We thrive on working with organisations that are forward thinking and want the very best for their employees – looking at the options and the adjustments that need to be made to help them flourish and bloom.

If you’d like some support from us, do give me a call on 01892 832059 – just don’t ask me about your geraniums and Cala lillies – that’s not our area of expertise (but we know a man who can!).

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