Presenting – perfectly possible to enjoy

Sarah G

Highly recommend Sarah Gorbutt’s ‘Presenting with Passion’ training due to its interactive nature, clear structure and constructive feedback.

On a cold December day in Canterbury, it was a useful day’s training on practical presentation skills when standing up in front of an audience.

It’s abundantly clear Sarah gets the best from her attendees due to her dynamic and positive nature.

For anyone apprehensive about presenting in the business environment , this training merits a gold star.


Delighted to receive feedback this morning on Associate, Sarah, who spent yesterday in Canterbury with a client working with their team on presentation skills.

Always one that people come to with nerves aplenty and a sense of impending doom that they’ll freeze, forget what they were going to say, or not be able to answer those difficult questions.

Sarah has spent time working with their team to understand the types of presentations that the team have to do (including internationally) to a variety of audiences and by tailoring and really drilling down to the nitty gritty of what is relevant to their business, and the messages they need to get across, they have come away with confidence and practical skills from the day.

Great that everyone took what they needed from the day….and enjoyed it too!  Thanks Sarah for another great course.

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