Review of the years 2010-2019

As things quieten down for the Christmas period, we’ve taken some time to reflect on the events of this year.  However, with a new decade on the horizon, we’ve also taken the opportunity to look back over the changes in the last 10 years.

  • Would you believe that 2010 saw Apple launch the iPad?  How many of us now use this or similar tablets as a routine means of communication – it seems to have been around forever. Has it improved time management or destroyed it??
  • 2012 saw the success of the London Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee, Windows 8 was released as was the Nintendo Wii….how many Christmas stockings did that fill in 2012?
  • 2014 witnessed the first gay marriage held in England and Wales, Scotland voted No to Independence and we were all moved by the installation of the poppies at the Tower of London in recognition of 100 years since WW1 started.
  • 2015 – The Hadron Collider reached maximum operating power and electric car ownership reached 1 million worldwide.
  • 2016 – Euro 2016 held in France – remember the England vs Iceland game!   The Rio Olympics were another sporting success and polymer bank notes were introduced by the Bank of England.  There was also the election of Donald Trump in the USA and Brexit entered the languages of the UK and Europe…and in some cases the wider world!
  • 2017 – The First HIV vaccine became commercially available and China established the largest megacity in the World.
  • 2018 – Polio eradicated – was this celebrated as widely as it should have been?
  • 2019 – Exomars rover touched down on Mars.  LEDs dominated the lighting industry and the UK gets its 4th Prime Minister of the decade.
  • On an entertainment front, everyone started talking about GoT (Game of Thrones), Harry Potter ended in 2011; Gangnam Style became a dance for all dads; David Attenborough’s Planet Earth impacted on public consciousness with unexpected responses about single use plastics.   We saw the start of Peaky Blinders, Bake Off, Killing Eve, Mad Men, Handmaids Tale and many more that become water cooler discussions on a Monday morning.

For us 2016 was a seismic year, returning to exclusively running Athelbrae full time. The decision to move away from a destructive working relationship in our second company was challenging and the future was uncertain. But realisation that change was essential (if not a little frightening) meant we took a leap of faith and what a positive outcome we’ve had from it both professionally and personally.   The enjoyment and pleasure we get from working in partnership with our fantastic clients and Associates has been the working highlight of the decade for us.  Expansion of the business continues with new Associate Trainers coming on board in 2019 and more for 2020.

The death of actor Robin Williams in 2016 from suicide brought the discussions on mental health and stress to the forefront of the national and international discussions and our specialist trainers continue to provide support, guidance and training to many organisations large and small across the UK and Ireland which has benefitted managers and staff alike.  There are extensive numbers of wellbeing sessions booked for 2020 and it’s great to see the positive message is being built upon across diverse industries.

GDPR hoved onto our horizons and our vocabulary in 2018 and we continue to work with clients in supporting them on their business risk and governance as part of their requirements under the Act.

The National Silver Award in July this year for the Family Business of the Year in Professional Services category was great recognition as we headed into our 21st year and the addition of our daughter, Fran, to the Operations team, means that the business continues to grow and flourish as a family based enterprise.

This decade has seen our son enter and leave University and he’s now working as an HR Business Partner with an emphasis on staff development, so there must be something in the genes!  Both children married in 2015 and 2016 and of course we celebrated the arrival of grandson Connor last year.   His absolute delight in learning and discovering new talents reminds us that learning can and should be fun whatever age you are and we should all sign up as lifelong learners both professionally and personally.

Like many, we have sadly lost family and friends over decade but reflection allows us to appreciate the time we had with them, the effect they had on our lives and to honour their memories.

So looking forward to the next decade there is much to be positive and excited about.  It can be easy to get swept up in the “twittersphere” of bad news and gloom but having some time to sit and reflect on what has gone well; positive changes made; good fortune and family,  is an end of year tradition…..but maybe we should do it more regularly throughout the year to really help us focus on the many downright great things that happen during the 12 month period.

Wishing all clients, suppliers, Associate trainers and colleagues a very Happy Christmas and here’s to a wonderful exciting new decade.


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