Getting to Grips with Management assessment by delegates in their management development – what’s it worth?

Soft skills investment – there’s nothing soft about being skilled in these complex areas.

Our Autumn management programme completed yesterday with Keith waving goodbye to the latest batch of delegates as they continue on their management and leadership journeys.

We devised this 8 module programme back in 2016 to address the immediate needs of new and inexperienced managers – giving them a solid ground in a range of topics including managing mates, how to motivate, appraisals, performance management, conflict and negotiation, recruitment, meetings, and the all important communications skills.

Why is it working?

The delegates who attend come along for a 3 hour session from early morning, every two weeks, and then go back to work by lunchtime so they can immediately start putting the learning into practice.

Just as importantly though, they get to share concerns, experiences & challenging situations with fellow managers who understand just how daunting it can sometimes be to be an effective and motivating manager. There is camaraderie and support within the groups, led by Keith, with his 30+ year experience of the training environment.

The use of actors for one module scores highly in each programme as Keith spends time tailoring scenarios to individual issues the managers are facing in their own work, so they get a real chance to drill down on how to tackle difficult subjects in the safety of the training room and garner advice and input from everyone.

You get out what you put in!

As with any learning, you get out of it what you are prepared to put in and we are fortunate that everyone who attends buys into the collaboration aspects of the programme, ensuring they take away key skills for them to develop as they progress on the management ladder.

Feedback from this current cohort includes:

“Really enjoyed group work and activities.  Discussions were always helpful and I think the cross section of different people was helpful”.

“Keith worked really well with the group and was particularly good at drawing people out and including everyone – very friendly and helpful”.

I enjoyed the interaction with others.  This program is very helpful for various different management levels.  Especially helfpul for people like me who are just stepping into the role”.

“The course was well structured and clearly taught.  The practical examples and managing under performance role play were particularly useful.  Keith is an excellent facilitator who engaged with everyone and took the time to gain insight into each company to relate the learning to them.  This course has already been paying off in managing my team”.

“As a new manager, all of the programme is really helpful for me with all the guidance and tips.  After only 1 month, I already put in place some of the tips and they’ve really helped me.  “

“Really enjoyed stepping back from the day to day functions within the workplace and viewing all aspects from the managers’ perspective.”

Our Summer programme will include a module on understanding mental health issues in your staff delivered by our specialist Ellie to address the learning for new managers in tackling these complex issues.

There is always a debate about the measurement of investment in so called “soft skills” training.  Having your people return to the workplace and immediately be confident in using new skills is priceless!

£1250 for all 9 modules – £46 per hour….is that an investment in your people you’re prepared to make?

If you have new or aspiring managers who you’d like to support on their management voyage, give us a call on 01892 832059 to book onto our Summer programme.

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