From Mental Health to Menopause – how to best support your people

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What would your staff say they need for them to feel supported at work?

Getting a true gauge of what your staff need for them to feel supported in their professional lives can be a minefield.

Firstly you have to start with a conversation that can potentially be difficult, embarrassing or well outside your own comfort zone.

There has been a concentration in recent times on mental wellness and resilience – many businesses have Mental Health First Aiders in place now and actively encourage their managers in having constructive and open discussions with their team members.

But sometimes there are other things that staff need to help them through a difficult period which may or may not fall into the mental health criteria.

  • Do you have members of the workforce who are new parents or have childcare concerns. Are they having to drop their new precious bundle at nursery? Has the childminder called in sick and left them in the lurch?
  • How many of your staff may be heading into or going through the menopause (and it’s not just the over 55s who may be affected!). Read more here:-
  • Finances – Even those taking home a “good” wage, can have financial worries covering everything from the mortgage to the weekly shop, the MOT or a bust boiler! The Trussell Trust 2018/19 figures show that 33.11% of users come from those whose “income is not covering essential costs”
  • How many of your staff are the Sandwich Generation? –   a generation of people (usually in their 40s to 70s) who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children.  Do they need time for doctors appointments, or periods when they have family in crisis?
  • What do you offer for those staff who may have been diagnosed (or waiting for a diagnosis) of serious physical illness? Some prefer to keep working and ignore it; others may want to hide under the duvet until they get an answer. Do you treat them all the same?
  • Bereavement – the only thing we know is a given in life is death and taxes! Do you have a statutory compassionate period of leave for bereavement.  Does this work more for the business than the individuals going through this difficult time.  Could you do more to allow flexible working, or just taking some paid leave to allow them to process the myriad of practical things they have to deal with, never mind the emotional response. Do they need some professional support to allow them to return to full time work in a healthy frame of mind? How can you help with organising that?

Forward thinking companies and organisations are waking up to the fact that if you look after your people by making small changes and being flexible to the needs of the workforce, actually you get more out of them at all times.  And lets face it, a happier member of staff repays the support they receive tenfold, making it better in the long run for the business too.

Wellbeing – Supporting your Staff – is a public course running on 10th March at Chilston Park Hotel, with specialist Ellie.  Looking in depth at the minor adjustments any business can make to provide a workplace that works for everyone, whatever they are facing, at whatever time in their lives. 

Just £199 per person for a full day for business owners, HR Managers and line managers to take away practical solutions – or 01892 832059 to reserve your place.

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