Keeping in touch with colleagues

JeanA great session run by Assoc Jean Crew this week for all the trainers and Associates to share good practice with delivering training and learning via Zoom to delegates.

There was lots of talk of keeping it upbeat, keeping it varied and looking at the camera and not the person on the screen.  There was also quite a lot of talk of cake!

Training can be a lonely profession sometimes so it’s lovely to be able to join with fellow specialists and have a catch up.  We try to do this as a social event every year and this year’s Trainers’ Day was due to be 7th May…..we may have to look to rearrange for later in the year.

We have our WhatsApp Trainers Group which allows people to share articles worth reading, up to date information for businesses including furloughing from our legal specialist Helen and the obligatory funny videos to keep everyone’s spirits up.

How are you keeping in touch with colleagues?

Let’s hope by the end of May we will be returning to some sort of normality and be able to meet face to face (even behind masks).



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