22 years since the birth of Athelbrae Ltd

Set 1

This Saturday, August 15th, sees the 22nd anniversary of MD Keith making the decision to leave a secure job, & using his background as a #Trainingmanager to follow his desire to work for himself by starting his own training company.  Despite a mortgage, two very young children and no guarantee of paid work, he felt it was the right option for him professionally and the family long term.

It was risk, but a calculated one.

The result?

  • An award winning business
  • A stable of 25 Associate specialists
  • Now a second generation family business,
  • Businesses throughout the UK & Ireland who we are proud to call friends as well as clients

It’s not been easy, and there have been times of concern, especially when there’s an economic downturn and the training budget is the first thing to be hit (or of course a viral lockdown!),  but it is definitely the best professional decision that he made.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in our development, our amazing trainers, clients and suppliers.  Planning the 25th anniversary celebrations already!

Set 2

It’s never too late to decide to change your career direction & especially in the current employment climate, there are opportunities to be found.


Set 3


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