Imagination – letting yourself be controlled by hypothetical conversations

The 3 part series “Des” aired yesterday and many have reported the excellent acting by David Tennant portraying serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

One friend was grateful that (so far) there has been nothing gruesome with the details left “to your imagination – which in some ways is more powerful and worse”. We haven’t seen it yet, but it got me thinking – how often does your imagination run away with you?

How many times have you had an imaginary conversation with someone you work with?

Do you have imagined slights; have you been awake at night thinking through how a difficult conversation might go and what a colleague may or may not say?

How many times have you walked away from a conversation and thought of a brilliant, witty, caustic response to a comment from someone else and imagined how it would all be different if only you’d have been able to think faster?

Our imagination is a wonderful thing and when used creatively can provide us with new opportunities and ideas but the majority of negative imaginations come from fear.

Whenever you are afraid of something or someone, your fear will manifest through your imagination…..this may be worrying about a presentation and imagining all the things that could go wrong, or it may be working with someone who takes offence at whatever you say and you end up walking on eggshells to keep the peace because you imagine their responses to everything you suggest or say.

Theatre, TV and the Arts are designed specifically for us to use our imaginations but when it comes to real life and work, don’t let your mind be controlled by fictitious or hypothetical episodes.

Deal with what you know – the facts – and keep your creative mind occupied with useful aspirations and actual events.

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