The value of expertise and experience.

I saw this on Facebook and thought it described the value of expertise and experience.

A customer asked me how much it cost to make a table….
I answered him: £1500
He said: That’s expensive for this small job?
I asked: How much do you think it should cost you?
He answers me: £800 maximum… it’s a pretty simple job right? !”For £800 I invite you to do it yourself.

But…. I don’t know how to.

For £800 I’ll teach you how to. So besides saving you £700, you’ll get the knowledge for the next time you want to make something

It seemed right to him and he agreed.

But to get started: you need tools: A table saw, a planer, a top, dormants, etc…

But I don’t have all this equipment and I can’t buy all of these for one job.

Well then for another £250 more I’ll rent my stuff to you so you can do it.

Okay, he says.

Okay! Tuesday I’m waiting for you to start doing this work

But I can’t on Tuesday I only have time today.

I’m sorry, but I’m only available Tuesday to teach you and lend you my stuff. Other days are busy with other customers.

Okay! That means I’m going to have to sacrifice my Tuesday, give up a day at work.

I forgot. To do your job yourself, you also have to pay for the nonproductive factors.

That is? What is this?”

Bureaucratic, tax, vat, security, insurance, fuel etc.

Oh no!… But to accomplish these tasks, I’m going to spend more money and waste a lot of time!

Do you have them? Could you get it to me before?”


I’ll get you all the material you need. Truck loading is done Monday evening or Tuesday morning you’ll have to come by 6 to load the truck. Don’t forget to avoid traffic jams and be on time

At 6??? Nope! Too early for me! I’m used to getting up later.

You know, I’ve been thinking. You’d better just get the job done. I’d rather pay you the £1500. If I had to do it, it wouldn’t be perfect and it would cost me a lot more.
When you pay for a job, especially handcrafted, you pay not only for the material used, but also:






Time to go








Safety and security

Payment of tax obligations
No one can denigrate other people’s work by judging prices.
Only by knowing all the elements necessary for the production of a certain work can you estimate the actual cost.
I did not write this dialogue, but am sharing it to support craftsmen, trades and entrepreneurs.

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