Being a friend vs Being a Manager

The most common enquiry we have regarding management training is for those who are trying to balance the demands of the role especially when they are friends with their subordinates.

It’s a difficult balancing act and one that was well demonstrated in January by new football Manager, Wayne Rooney.  Having moved from being a player/coach to the role of Manager he was asked about enforcing the “no hugging” rule and setting an example to fans.

His response was that he understood the need for the rule and he was advising his players to adhere to it – BUT he understood how excited they get scoring a goal, so he wouldn’t be penalising them if they broke the rule!

It’s a classic example of a manager wanting to be friends and remain one of the team, whilst still being in a position of authority.

At some point you have to get off the fence and accept that some decisions, taken for the right reasons, are not always popular with the staff and as a Manager you have to weather the storm of moans and groans. 

Others can challenge your authority, pushing the boundaries to see just how far they can get away with ignoring what they are being asked to do.

Having tools and techniques to know how to remain friendly within the confines of your operational role is something we cover in all our Management training programmes.

To discuss how best to support your inexperienced Managers in their development, do contact for more information.

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