Legal commentary on the importance of up to date training

This article on the HR Director site highlights the legal requirement for employers to ensure that training is up to date and relevant.

Set around a harassment case, it makes clear the responsibility sits with the employer organisation to invest and provide suitable training for staff.

As so often is the case, sending employees on a “course” after the event in order to address an ongoing issue, is a bit like trying to retrieve that horse bolting down the road with the gate swinging behind it!

Many training events and courses around management and personal development build on-going knowledge, but some, like Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Employment Law, Health and Safety, GDPR, Board Governance, need to be revisited at regular intervals to ensure everyone knows the rules and regulations.

Using the defence that training has been given in the past is no defence at all, if the training content has become out of date or been updated.

Can an employer rely on the ‘reasonable steps’ defence to harassment where it provided training to the perpetrator of harassment and other employees? | theHRD (

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