Loving the job you do



We were thrilled and honoured at the weekend to join family and friends in a posthumous BAFTA tribute to Keith’s Uncle, Ray Merrin, who lost his battle with cancer only 2 weeks before.  A sound mixer extraordinaire in the Film industry with such great and diverse movies as the Railway Children, Trainspotting, Tommy, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Harry Potter that all had his magic touch added in the dubbing studio.

We learned a huge amount from colleagues about his skills and ground breaking work, especially around the implementation of Dolby sound in films but there was another aspect of his working life that really stood out…..HE LOVED HIS JOB!

People spoke of his kindness, his patience, his ability to share his knowledge and we definitely knew him as a raconteur who could entertain you for hours with his stories.

To have industry greats such as Lord David Puttnam, Danny Boyle, Barbra Streisand and Sir Ridley Scott, paying tribute and sharing funny anecdotes of their time working with Ray, they all agreed that the 50+ years he spent in the industry were an absolute joy to him.

What an achievement, to get to the end of your career, and know that every day has been one of perfection.

We learned a lot about Ray on Sunday, but perhaps more importantly we learned how loving the job you do is both a privilege and an achievement and something we should all aspire to.