New Course titles


We are delighted to announce some new course titles that are now available for our clients.  If you would like more details, do email or call 01892 832059.

As always, Keith, our Director of Training, is very happy to come out and have a chat about anything around staff development – whether you have a clear idea of what you need or are starting with a blank sheet of paper and want some guidance on building a relevant programme to your teams, just give us a call or email and we’ll arrange a time to suit you to discuss in more depth.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • Handling Difficult people and Difficult topics
  • Root Cause analysis
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Modern Slavery and Trafficking
  • Risk Management and Governance
  • Boosting memory & sleep techniques for happier work/life balance
  • Collaborative and Cross Department working
  • People Development for Aspiring leaders in Education

Monday morning motivation

A lovely start to a Monday morning with an email from a delegate on last week’s Supervisory management course with Simon.  What better motivation than knowing you’ve helped someone develop on their career pathway.

Supervisory Management

Imitation, flattery and marketing


5a200516dc31eba99d82cf708d33c97d--imitation-is-the-best-form-of-flattery-copycats-quotes“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. We’ve all seen on #dragonsden about whether an idea or business can be “copied” or how easy is it for others to do what you do.

When marketing your products or services, there are very few who offer something genuinely unique – there will invariably be others who provide something similar.  For example, there are a myriad of training organisations that offer many of the standard courses that we at Athelbrae offer.

So how do you stand out from them?

In our view the following are crucial: –

  •  Have passion at the centre of everything you do with your business.
  • Be true to your visions and values
  • Ensure that vision lives every day throughout your offering – for us, it’s about working in partnership with our client base, understanding the individuality of each business and working collaboratively with each and every one of those businesses
  • Value your team – our Associate Trainers, facilitators and coaches are part of our brand. If we don’t value them, they won’t value us and subsequently how can they represent us in the manner which is the passion behind our company?.

And of course, if you find your marketing and publicity is attracting others in your industry to imitate what you are doing, be thankful that you leading the way for others to follow.

They may be able to imitate your offering, but they’ll never be able to imitate your passion.

June newsletter out today

We know there’s a couple of weeks left of May, but with the Bank holiday weekend and half term on the agenda next week, we thought it best to get this out ahead of schedule!

It’s all about Managing your Time 🙂 – if you’d like a course, do give us a call – 01892 832059.

Back to the newsletter…..

This month we are covering:-

  • Gaze Aversion and how you may be making assumptions about people who avoid eye contact
  • Communication skills – a public course that deals with those who can be a little too enthusiastic in the way they communicate, and those who we avoid because it’s just too hard to try and talk to them!  12th June one day course at Chilston Park for just £199 + VAT will be fun, practical and addresses all the challenges we face in the communication arena.
  • Information on two new offerings –  Modern Slavery and Trafficking and the Mental Capacity Act.  We are always looking to expand our offering with topics that are of benefit to different sectors and businesses and having a specialist in these currently “hot topic” areas allows us to provide first class training in difficult subjects.
  • A list of the public courses coming up in the coming months – we are very pleased that we are able to offer these courses are highly competitive rates to allow individuals to get the training they need without blowing your training budget!
  • Meet the Trainer – our monthly section on one of our Associates and this month it is Ellie Hutchison – learn more about Ellie’s background and her training ethos.

If you would like a copy of the newsletter and aren’t on our distribution list, email or give us a call on 01892 832059 and we’ll get one to you straight away.


We made the Finals!

So delighted to receive notification that we are Finalists for the 2019 National Family Business Awards.

Now in our 21st year of operation, with a fantastic and ever expanding group of Associate trainers and coaches, we’ll look forward to attending the event in July.

Business awards

Intro to Supervisory Management – booking for Sept 2019

We’re now taking bookings for the 10th September for the Introduction to supervisory management.

The May date is a full course but if you have new or inexperienced managers looking for a high level overview one day course to set them on the path to management development, please do book them onto the 10th September at Brandshatch Place and Spa Hotel just off the M26 and M25 motorways near Dartford.

Just £199 per person + VAT for the whole day, this interactive, highly practical and supportive course will give them all the tips and tools they need to survive the first few weeks and months in the role.

To book, please email or call 01892 832059.


Valuing Learning Whatever the Age

We were fortunate in our recent trip to Eastern Europe to get an insight into the education system of many former Eastern bloc countries.  What was evident, despite the relative poverty of some of the nations, education is highly valued by all age groups.  

Children often do not start school until they are 6 or 7 and then remain in education until they are 16.  After that, there are the options of continuing down one of 2 paths;- vocational education or higher education (equivalent to our A level and University).  What was telling however was that both options are highly valued and no stigma is attached the either.  It is true that many go on to study degrees abroad which is subsidised by European monies, but speaking with the young people, they are motivated and articulate in their desire to improve their own and their families lives by investing in their education.

The older generations also value the opportunity to retrain and this was particularly evident in the war-torn countries of Serbia, Croatia and former communist states of Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.  They proactively face their past, and whilst some states have advanced further than others, it was amazing to see how they embrace new opportunities and positively look at how they can constantly learn.

Customer service in all the nations was exemplary; locals speak several languages and in most countries English, Spanish and French are taught across the curriculum, so many are fluent in at least 2 or 3 languages, which opens up their horizons and options for additional development.

It brought home that very often we don’t appreciate the opportunities that are afforded to us here in the UK.  Those of school age do not necessarily engage in the learning at school and the same can be said of those who are given the option to develop in their work environment.

What is essential, whatever the age of the learner, is that it should be relevant, engaging and provide the individual with the scope to enhance their development.  Staid, repetitive or uninspiring content means the learner isn’t enthused, loses interest and ultimately loses the opportunity to advance.

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to learning and development, but in order for everyone to value the learning opportunities we must ensure that we retain our childlike enthusiasm to learn new things and progress both personally and professionally.


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